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Welcome to The Magic Gadget Site!

You'll find practical and unusual magic props at reasonable prices, fast delivery, and friendly service.  No stock photos or descriptions here!  We call 'em the way we see 'em, and shoot photos for every item to help you know what your getting.    Just click any link on the menu to the left, and begin exploring!   There's amazing magic on every page!     When you find that "must-have" trick, at a great price, (and you will!), add it to your shopping cart and keep on looking!        Don't miss the  New Additions  to see what's new at TMGS .      And check out our "no hassle, no questions" return policy! 
Thanks for your interest in TMGS, and have fun!

Recent updates:                                                                                                                                  

Jan 12th--      Sold items removed; new items added in Dec 2018/ Jan 2019 section.                                                                                                                            

Dec 3rd--      Sold items removed; new items added in Dec 2018/ Jan 2019 section.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Sept 30--      Sold items removed; some new items added in July/Aug 2018 section                                                                                                                              

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Dream Time -- electronic clock hour prediction

Here's a neat prediction of any hour the spectator wants to choose.  And unlike many of these one-in-twelve predictions, this one can be instantly repeated.  The prop is large, 10 inches by 10 inches, so it shows up great for typical stand-up shows on club platforms and living rooms, but also is visible in bigger venues like auditoriums and stages.

 The effect looks like this:   

Magi/mentalist has a spectator stand and then he shows a box with a simple door-style lid.  The box is closed.  "Inside this box lies your destiny!  Well, a piece of your destiny.  A prediction of a small event in your immediate future, which may portend even greater things for you in the long run.  Imagine something you want to happen in your future  -- a goal, or a find desire.  Perhaps a city you've always wanted to visit, or a wedding with that special someone, or a job promotion, or...   Anything you wish to happen."    The spectator thinks of this thing, and you ask her to imagine which day of the week it is happening, and then to imagine the very hour of that day when it begins.   "See the face of a clock, the hour hand pointing directly to the number of that hour.   Tell everyone the hour of your very special event."    She says (for example) six.   "Do you believe I could have known in advance that you would choose Six as your most special hour?"    Regardless of her answer, you say "Because if you believe, you can make any dream come true.   So...  believe!"   The mentalist swings open the door of the box, revealing a large clock face, with a single hour hand, pointing to the number SIX.    "You now know exactly when your dream will come true.  Believe, and you can make it happen."

The effect can be repeated immediately.  "Who knows the hour of his/her birth?"   Another spectator is chosen.  The mentalist turns the clock face to himself (away from the audience's view) and moves the hand to another place on the dial, and closes the door.   The spectator tells his birth hour.  (Say, for example, Eleven).     The door is opened and the hand points to eleven.  

The clock works with some simple electronics, and the performer does not need to touch the clock to set the proper hour.     Performer can do this alone, without another assistant.   Although the box is opaque, performer gets necessary visibility to do what must be done.  He does need to be near the box, but not touching it.   The device works well, but does require practice to gain precision in setting the necessary hour.

The item is brand new and unused.  I have opened it to test it and make sure it works properly before shipping it.   The box is wood and plexi, covered with a wood grain contact paper.

Brand new with instructions.  

Has a suggested retail price of about $180-$200.  Get it here for less.  


NOTE #1:   Sorry, but 4 pounds is max I can ship internationally and this item is heavier than that, so bidders with USA addresses only.   Thanks

NOTE #2:   this item is over 4 pounds when securely packed.   Sorry, but it is still a great buy from TMGS, even after the US postal service gets its cut from us!  Depending on your zip code, the website may calculate shipping that is too high.  If more than $19, then I can ship it as a Flat Rate box for that much.  So $19 will be the max.   (I will refund any excess postage that you pay.)   If you want to check exact postage to your zip code, email us.  

Save: $70.00
TMGS Price: $119.95

Mirror Dimension -- truly visual magic

I also categorized this unique and innovative cloe-sup effect in the Mentalism section, because I think its premise will have a strong appeal to those who like mental and psychological mysteries.  It could be presented as a demonstration of "transforming perception" or something along those lines.   Devin Knight has taken an old novelty puzzle/gag (which I have always liked a lot), and he has adapted the underlying principle of that puzzle to create a very weird and different magical illusion.

Magi shows a group of about a dozen cards (the same size as business cards), each with a single word printed boldly on one side.  (The backs are blank).   Explaining that he uses these cards from the popular word game, Word Chase, to reveal the existence of an incredible unknown "mirror dimension" reality.   He shows one of the word cards, and holds it up to a mirror, so spectators can see how the word is reflected in reverse in the mirror.  But then he says that the card we see in the mirror actually exists.  To prove this, he will cause the card in our reality to change places with the mirror-reality card.   The card is held up to the mirror again, and now the card reflected in the mirror is no longer reversed!   the magi hands the card he holds to the spectator and she finds it is now the reveresed card from the mirror world.     The spectator can examine this card, try to make it reflect properly, etc.  But she will find it is truly a mirror reality card.  To finish, (and wthout switching any cards, etc) the magi causes ALL the cards to suddenly become mirror image cards, reading backwards in our reality and correctly in the mirror.

The method feels bold, but in practice is far more subtle than it it seems when you read through the instructions.  Knight has incorporated several convincers that really sell the effect.   The effects only real drawback is that it requires access to a mirror -- you can carry a small make-up mirror for close-up, but the effect is best when done in a large mirror.  So I keep this trick in my pocket and show it when I can use a large mirror in someone's home or restaurant.  (Many restaurants have table side mirror walls -- if you table hop in such a place, you need this!)

The cards are a bit "sticky" to spread (as business cards typiclly are), so Knight advises adding fanning powder to them.  I will powder the cards for you before I send them (because I'm such a nice guy!)    This trick should cost a lot more in my opinion.  It is simply too good to sell for under $10.  But for now, it does, so take advantage and get one!

Brand new with instructions


TMGS Price: $9.95

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$ 24.95

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