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Psy chip (Tricks Co, Ltd)

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Very nicely made version of the "Quantimental" effect, in which a streamlined plastic case, which holds four colored metal chips, is shown. The magician turns away, a spectator removes a chip from the case, and holds it hidden in her fist. The case is closed, and magi turns back to the adoring crowd. Magi immediately knows the selected color.

The routine supplied includes predicting which chip will be selected in advance, as well as the clairvoyant phase of identifying the chip color after it has been selected.   The "tell" is visual, so not suitable for low-light situations (like bar or restaurant magic), but it is ingenious and easy to do in most conditions.   

Many of the Psychips that I have seen had problems working correctly, but I have personally checked this one and it works as it should.    Typical "neat" gimmickry from Tricks, Co Ltd.   Unused, and as new, even though this item has not been available from Tricks Co for about two decades.

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