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Color Choice Prediction

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I like the way this prop looks -- simple, innocent looking, and the plastic has a marbelized finish that gives it just a touch more style than most plastic props.  The effect is a one-out-of-four prediction, where a spectator names any number from 1 to 4, and the plaque is turned over to show each number has a color lined up with it on the back.  The corresponding color to the chosen number is exactly what the magi predicted.   Like most predictions using only 3, 4, or 5 targets, you need a strong presentation to overcome the relatively good odds that you could hit it just by chance.  One option:  offer $100 if you miss!  Now, even though you have a 1 in 4 chance, the risk of $100 makes those odds look not very good.  The other thing I use this prop for is to force a certain color.  And then I do an easy, simplified version of Martin Lewis's Technicolor Prediction.    A nice prop, only drawback -- cannot repeat, as color is the same every time.   But you have LOTS of other mental tricks to show, so why repeat?  And if you need more mental tricks, buy them here at TMGS!

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Related Products

Jackpot Bags
I love this gimmick! It is so cool! Okay, enough editorializing... Suffice to say that this device lets you force a color so cleanly, and its failsafe! You can use it for lots of effects but the Jackpot bags that come with it is a doozy! Effect: Performer shows four small pouches, each a different color, and a plaque with the numbers 1 through 4 on it. Three spectators assist. One of them holds all four pouches, and all three of them select a number from 1 to 4. (No forces allowed!) When all numbers are settled on, it leaves just one number for the performer...One last chance for anyone to swap numbers with the performer. Now the plaque is opened -- it is hinged to open up like a folder, and inside are four colored spots, each with a number 1,2,3, or 4, on it. The spectator holding the pouches passes them out according to the numbers selected and the color-number matches in the folder. The three bags held by the spectators have a mere "Thank You" note inside, but the bag held by the performer is opened (no switches or funny stuff allowed) to reveal a $100 bill! Remember, this is sure-fire, no force mentalism! You will use this!
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

ESP Chip Change
The spectator selects any symbol (really, any force) from five ESP cards, and the psychic wonderworker shows a black plastic chip, blank on both sides. It is placed into an envelope, which can be examined, and the chip in envelope is given to the spectator to place against her forehead. She concentrates on her symbol, and then opens the envelope. She removes the chip to find her symbol now engraved into the chip. All can be minutely examined, as the sneaky psychic wonderworker is way ahead and totally clean by now. The chips come in handy for other ESP routines as well. Good value.
Save: $1.00
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ESP Deck -- MARKED classic starry back

This deck has a similar starry back design pattern as the Rhine deck above (though they do not match exactly), and built into the pattern is a subtle marking system so you can know which symbol is on the card from the back!   Talk about the E.S.Possibilities!    

The fact that the cards have white borders allows for more subtle uses in effects where cards must be reversed in the pack, since the reversed card is not obvious on the edge of the deck, (as is problematic with all-over back pattern cards).

This deck comes in just a has no card case.   This is a full deck of 25 cards -- five each of each different Zenner symbol

 Brand new with instructions

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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