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Mini Card Silk set (for thumbtip routine) King Clubs

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Like the larger Card silk sets that we sell (see related items!), this is a set of two silks, one picturing a blank faced card, and one picturing a normal card -- in this case, the KING OF CLUBS.   The silks are about 8 inches square, and so they will easily fit in a thumbtip or small die tube (like you get with Tenyo's Chameleon silks, for example).  

The effect is that you show a blank card silk, and poke it into your hand where it magically prints a face on the card, to match a selected card.  (If it doesn't match the selected card, it is still magical, but nowhere near as impressive!)   Because audiences may not really know what a blank card is, I find it good to add one to the routine.  With a an extra card sleight or two, you can put the selected card on the table, then show the blank card silk, explaining that it is a picture of a selected card...BEFORE IT WAS PRINTED!   To stop the bottle throwing and boo-ing, stuff the silk in your hand, show the printed silk, and (due to your simple switch of the card earlier), now show the card on the table is blank! 

Showing a real blank card at the end gives the routine much more meaning for laymen, for some reason.   

Does not come with the thumbtip or dye tube -- but you probably have one or both of these already.  It does come with complete instructions.   Brand new. 

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Card Silk Set 12 inch (10 of Hearts)
These two silks are a great set for various magical effects. You get two 12" silks, one screened with a Playing card (may vary from what is shown in picture...I usually have QC's or 10H's), and a second silk that is screened with a Blank card space. You can do the effect a couple of ways: Show the blank silk, and have a card selected. The chosen card (QC) turns into a blank card, and the silk ends up being now the chosen card. Or just use the card silk as a flashy prediction. Or make the face vanish from the silk (leaving the blank space), and have it appear on a previously blank card! High quality silk and printing make this a joy to use and display. Great way to jazz up a card trick, and have some extra magic along with the card revelation. Complete with instructions for many routines
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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