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Xray Color Tube -- chrome

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This is a modern version of a classic German metal pocket trick.  A small metal tube with a tight fitting cap is shown, and also six short plastic rods of various colors.  Everything is examined, and magi mentalist shows how a rod can be placed into the tube and sealed in by putting the cap on top.  Magi holds the open tube behind his back, and the spectator places any color rod in the tube, hiding the rest in his closed hand.  The spectator also puts the lid on the tube, and the magician immediately brings the sealed tube out front and up to his forehead -- no funny business or fumbling behind the back.  After concentrating on the sealed tube, the magi sets it on the table and names the color of the rod inside.  Can be immediately repeated, and the method is virtually indetectable.  A nice inexpensive version of this classic.

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