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Animation Card Deck -- like Tenyo Animation Card

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Online Price

TMGS Price:

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These are made in China, knock offs (unauthorized, I imagine) of the recent Tenyo version (authorized, of course) of Dan Harlan's Card Toon effect.   I am not really keen on selling knock-offs, but sometimes I do when the original item is no longer available.  In this case, the original item is still on the market, but I happened to get six of these, so when I sell them, that will be it.

The effect is very strong.  A card is selected and put back into the deck.  The backs of the cards are riffled like an old fashion animation book, and we see the angels (or more like fairies on this deck) start to fly around and come back from the corner with a playing card, which turns around to reveal it matches the chosen card.  No force, and a different card each time.

These decks are not as good quality as the Tenyo deck, and will need some fanning powder to stay slick.  And if you want to keep your tenyo deck pristine, and use this one for performing, that would be a good strategy!    As I said, I just want to sell these off, so I have priced them lmuch lower than the $30-$35 tenyo version's retail price.

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