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Spot On -- Wayne Dobson -- like 1980s Speigel Domino

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Back in the 1970's and 1980's there was a neat little trick (from Germany) called Der Speigel Domino.   It featured a very clean and easy prediction of which domino spot combination the spectator would choose to make, using a magnetic domino and magnetic spots.

Well, Wayne Dobson either re-invented it, or just liked it so much, he started making it again.  His new version of the Speigel Domino trick  is now produced by JB Magic.  Like most of Dobson's JB offerings, this one feels a bit expensive for the props you get, but (also like the other Dobson offerings) it is a great trick that will get a lot of use, so you should wiegh the price against the performances and audience repsonse, not the simplicity of the props.

It looks like this:  mental magi shows a small vinal envelope, with the word Domino printed on it.  From the envelope he removes a mirror, and explains that all great magic is done with mirrors.  He puts the mirror aside, and then removes a large flat domino from the envelope.  "All really great magic is also done with a domino!"  The domino is a magnetic plaque, and the spots on it are moveable.  The spectator is told to move the spots into any domino configuration they want.  They put them into, for example, a one and a five.    The magi now says, "just as I predicted, see!"  He holds the mirror to the domino, and in the mirror, we see a duplicate of the domino the spectator created.   "An exact match!"   But before the spectators can groan to loudly at the gag, the mirror is turned over  and on the back is printed a domino that exactly matches -- one and five.

Great things about this trick:   fits easily in a shirt pocket, resets almost instantly (can be reset infront of the audience), NO force -- the spectator ccreates whatever domino combo they want, and...what else... oh yeah, super easy to do!

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