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The Beach Episode (Black Hat Magic)

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This one is maybe the weirdest packet effect ever -- I thought Tricks Co's "The Enemy Has Come" was the weirdest, but now I find Black Hat Magic's "The Beach Episode" and it takes over the weirdness crown.   This vintage packet effect is from 1985, and has the oddness and inventiveness that was typcial of Black Hat Magic (and, of course, competitors from the far east, like Tenyo, Tricks Co and Rabbit).

A packet of poker sized cards is shown, and on each of the four cards is a picture of a beach shower stall.  The cards are counted again, and now one of the cards shows a young lady, with a wild fashion sense.  The cards are counted again, and the young lady is now seen to be undressing (getting ready for her shower).   The lady card is turned facedown (some modesty, after all) and the cards are counted, again showing the four shower stalls.   Counting them again, a "wolf" of a man shows up, leering lasciviously.   He is turned facedown, and the four cards are each shown to have a shower on one side, and a "wolf" on the other -- four leering guys trying to get a peek at the lady in the shower.  Finally, one wolf leaves (the card is put in your pocket), and the other three shower cards are turned over and put side by side to show the angry woman in a towel chasing away the other three guys!  (like on the package in the picture)

I told you it was wierd!   But a lot of magic in a small packet.  And probably not an item you will ever find again.  So if you collect odd magic from Black Hat, get this one.  Not hard to do if you can do a standard Elmsley count.  One variation of the Hamman/Flushtration count will take a little practice, but not hard after you get the knack.

New, and unused, despite being almost three decades old.

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