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Triple Factor -- nice brass divination

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This is an older item from the early days of Magic Makers, (back when they were producing some very nice brass close-up magic).  I really like the subtle method involved in this routine -- it reminds me of something that Lubor Fiedler would come up with.   Although the three brass boxes are completely examinable, they are "gimmicked", or... well, not really gimmicked but designed to allow you to get the information you need to do a nifty clairvoyance divination.


The effect is this: 

You show three apparently identical brass boxes (each comprised of two pieces that fit together snugly) and place them on the table.  You also put a penny, dime, and nickel on the table.   Turning your back, you ask the spectator to pick up a box, open it, and put the penny inside.   She closes it up and puts it back on the table.  She can move the other two boxes slightly so that it is not obvious which box she has picked up and replaced.   You turn back around and hand her the nickel, saying you feel lucky so you will try two coins today.  Turning back away, she puts the nickel in another one of the boxes, and again adjusts their positions to disguise which box she has chosen.   You turn back again, and hand her the dime, asking her to also hide it.  You turn away, and she hides the dime.  For good measure, while you still face away, you ask here to mix the boxes around until not even she is sure which box contains which coin.   But when you turn back, you immediately can tell her which box holds which coin -- all three locations are correctly named.  A triple clairvoyant divination.


The cue is visual, and does require average to good eyesight.   The cue is visible if you know what to look for, and invisible if you don't.  There are two different visual cues involved, the first being very easy to spot, the second requiring good lighting and practice on your part.  But if you want to just do the "easy" version (using only the first cue), you can have the spectator place a single coin in any of the three boxes and immediately know which one.  To do the three coin routine, you need to use the second cue as well as the first.


This item is from the mid 1990's but unused -- new-old dealer stock.  The boxes are unused, but have a few dark tarnish spots.  I think these will shine away with some brass polish.  They do not interfere with the effect.



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