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Coin Clairvoyance -- like Tenyo Vault Vision

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The Tenyo Vault Vision trick (no longer made by Tenyo, hard-to-find for many years) was one of Tenyo's overlooked gems.  The Vault Vision effect -- a three coin divination -- is so simple that most magicians (especially those who love the intricate gimmickry of Tenyo) did not pick this one up.  And yet it was one of the most performable and practical Tenyo effects ever.  It was always ready to go, fit into a shirt pocket, and really puzzled lay audiences.  (In fact, even the magician, knowing what the little box did to signal which coin was inside, didnt really know how the box did what it did!)

But as said earlier, Tenyo's Vault Vision is now hard to find, and if you do find one, you probably want to keep it un used and collectable.   So I keep my eye out for alternative versions, and found this one, which is ALMOST just like the Tenyo item.  The "almost" is because this version allows for a divination of only two different coins, rather than three.  The impact of the effect is not really lessened by this -- in fact, it streamlines things, and makes the repetition phases seem more like psychological manipulation.  (In other words, the spectator really believes you are controlling her actions!)

 Here's the effect:   mentalist/magi shows a small thin black drawer-style box.  Two coins (a nickel and a quarter, which can be borrowed) are also shown.   The magi turns his back and the spectator pulls out the drawer, puts one of the coins in the box and closes it.  The other coin is hidden in her fist.  Magi turns back to the spectator, and he names which coin is in the box and which is in her hand.    Unlike most magic, this one becomes more puzzling with repetition, and it can be (and should be) immediately repeated.    I use a patter about the psychology of choice, and second-guessing, making the spectator believe that I am influencing her choices.

The plain black box in this version is much less suspicious looking than the original Tenyo version that said "Money Game" on top.  (This verison has a Magic company name embossed on the bottom, but if you cover the bottom with a piece of black felt contact paper, you have a completely classy little black box.)   Like the original Vault Vision, the method involves a visual tip-off, so not practical in low-light situations.  But in normal indoor light, anyone with average vision will have no problem.

Also, you get the exclusive TMGS instructions that include my personal routine that incorporates a final prediction.  After divining the which coin is in the box three or four times, you draw attention to prediction envelope.  Rather than divining what coin is in the box, you open the envelope and read the prediction -- "for your final choice, you will put the nickel in the box, tail side up".    The drawer is opened, and it is seen that your prediction is 100% correct.

Strong effective magic, that layment remember long after magicians have dismissed it as too simple.

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