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The Travelling Hole -- vintage Paul Diamond

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Back in the late 1970's or early 1980's Paul Diamond released this close up quickie from Tom Minnich.   Over the last 3-4 decades, there have been a lot of moving hole effects, and many good ones.   I still like Minnich's Traveling Hole for its simplicity and ease of handling.  

You show two thin plastic cards (about the size of bridge size playing cards) -- one is red with a hole running throuygh the center, and one is black and solid.  The two cards are aligned and then pushed through the fist.  The hole is now in the black card and the red card is solid.  Cards can be freely and convincingly handled (but not examined).

Another possible effect is similar to that achieved in the Emerson and West packet effect "The Whole Thing" -- by placing the red hole card on the black whole card, it looks like there is a black spot on the red card.  You then show that the red hole card is now a whole card with a black spot.  "Of course, if we got a black spot from the whole card, it must now have a hole!"  The black card is now seen to have a hole through it.

Because the cards cannot be examined, I see this better as a quickie.    Show your audience something puzzling about the nature of space moving from one card to another, and then pocket the cards and do another trick.

 This item is from new-old dealer stock, so it is in brand new and unused condition, despite being about 35 years old.   Complete as issued with original instructions.

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