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See-thru Net Force Bag (3-section)

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Great utility prop, that looks completely ordinary because, well, can see right through it!   

But is has three separate compartments so you can easily show various flat objects like cards, coins, chips, bills, etc to be different, and when the spectator reaches to pick one, he can only touch one of the force groups. 

The three partition feature allows the audience to see different items on BOTH sides, with the duplicate force objects hidden in the middle section.   Or you can have random items chosen from the center section to show that many different possibilities could be chosen.   Then have two spectators each choose one item (from the two different outer sections) to force two different items.

Lots of ways to use this handy bag.  I also use a clear plastic force bag sometimes, but find this mesh net bag is easier to use, and I get to make a joke about borrowing my wife's lingerie wash bag.

The bag is dark color, as shown in the photo (not the lighter mesh color depicted on the label).  Also, I photo'd it with alphabet cards (NOT included), but you can use coins for a nifty date prediction, or the poker chips, silks, bills, business cards, or any relatively flat items. 

Very handy!       Bag is 9 inches by 12 inches.     Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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